4 Types Of Adoption In Texas

So you want to adopt in Texas! Congratulations! You are about to embark on a journey that will literally change your life. It is the hardest, most rewarding thing I have personally ever done, and my life is absolutely the better for it. I hope you will be able to say the same about adoption in Texas.

In Texas, there are primarily four different ways you can adopt. All of them have their downfalls. All of them have their merits. It will be up to you to decide which way works for the best for you.

1. Domestic private infant adoption

This is usually done through an agency but can be done with only an adoption lawyer.

Typically what happens is you pick an agency, have a home study done by the agency, create a profile, either online or in a photo album, for potential birth mothers to select from, and wait. For domestic infant adoption, you can choose if you want a boy or girl and if you have an ethnicity preference. You will be selected by a potential birth mother and then you may meet a few times for her to decide if you are the people to raise her baby as your own. After your birth mother has signed all her paperwork and waiting periods are up, the baby is yours. This can be an expensive way to adopt, as there are lawyer fees, hospital bills, etc. to be paid for. Contact your local adoption agency for further details.

2. International adoption

This is like domestic infant adoption in that you need an agency, a home study, and a family profile. You will also need a dossier, passport, and a lot of patience. You may or may not be selected after a time by a placing agent in the desired country. The laws are ever changing on international adoption. You will need a well-versed agency to stay on top of all the requirements. This is also an expensive option. You can adopt infants, but typically children will be a little bit older than a newborn.

3. Older child domestic adoption

Typically these are children who were foster children and are now legally free to be adopted. You’ll need an agency, home study, and training for this. The children are typically older than two but can be younger depending on the circumstance. There are photolisting websites you can create a profile for and search for children that meet your parameters for who you would consider adopting. These type of adoptions can be relatively inexpensive because of government subsidies. The children will typically need to live with you for six months before an adoption can be finalized. 

4. Foster to adopt

This can be a very difficult, emotional roller coaster. It is not recommended you begin fostering with the hope or expectation you can adopt every child that comes through your door. However, if you have time, patience, space, and love to give, this is a great option to give a child a home they need, be it temporary or permanent. You will need to select an agency and they will set you on the path you need to become a foster parent. If the children you foster become available to adopt while they are in your home, typically you will be asked if you would like to adopt. This isn’t the easiest route to a family, but it can be a good one if you think you are up for it.

So there you have it, four different ways to adopt in Texas. I have personally adopted both through older child domestic adoption and foster to adopt. Our kids are delightful, though they have their hard days from the hard lives they lived before they became ours. Good luck on whatever path you choose.

Are you ready to pursue adoption? Visit or call 1-800-ADOPT-98 to connect with compassionate, nonjudgmental adoption specialists who can help you get started on the journey of a lifetime.